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Cheron Hamner is a Beauty professional, author, fitness enthusiast with over 20 years experience helping women look and feel their best. Her expertise has reached over 12 million women globally and has helped them transform how they see themselves inside and out. She has worked as an educator for several beauty companies and has been an expert contributor for a few women’s magazines. Cheron has a passion for health and fitness and is a competitive bodybuilder. Being competitive is an opportunity to strengthen your muscles and Cheron saw an opportunity to build her emotional muscles after a diagnosis of of clinical depression. Since then she has immersed herself in the world of personal development training transforming herself and assisting thousands of attendees as a volunteer with Lisa Nichols for 5 years. Cheron is on a mission to motivate and encourage women to be in the front of their own line.

She has the ability to transform the finest of hair and has a niche for clients with thick, curly, frizzy hair. It always makes her feel good to make hair manageable and easy for her clients to maintain with little effort.  She has done educational work for GK Hair and Toni & Guy and consistently invests thousands in education yearly taking classes and attending trade shows to up level her skill set. 

I help women with challenging hair textures love their hair! I work with women who have textured hair that has troubled them for most of their lives because no one showed them what to do with it.


Our Vision

My Story

​"No one cuts hair like you, you're the Michael Jordan of scissors!"-D. Gangle
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